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Privacy built from the inside.

When your privacy is fundamental you can not afford any weak point.
Avenure BlackSense takes security to the next level.
The latest generation smartphones you always wanted with CertainOS built in,
the most impenetrable operating system ever run in a mobile device.

When your smartphone is not enough, there comes BlackSense.

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The Smartphones you love outside, the armor within.

You see them, you follow them, you want them. But they are
vulnerable to external attacks. BlackSense combines the best mobile devices on the market
with the security of an unassailable operating system.

High End and Exclusive smartphones with Avenure CertainOS,
a private hardened operating system, to protect you from all
the threats that constantly try to violate the privacy of your


CertainOS. The most secure OS ever seen in a smartphone.

Every Avenure BlackSense smartphone
provides CertainOS, a secure private
operating system which is designed to be
extremely efficient, fast and absolutely secure
against any kind of vulnerability.

Delve into

Delve into

Air Phone.
The private smartphone for everyone.

Privacy can be lighter.
Avenure thinks that privacy should be available to everyone, in a more accessible way.
Avenure Air introduces Air Phone, a set of top class smartphones equipped with Avenure Air features.

Your secure smartphone is just a few clicks away.